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S.A.M. Audit Products

Survey and stimulate your S.A.M. advancement level with our select examination mechanical assembly. 

The A.W.S. Serverless Application Model (S.A.M.) is an open-source structure for building serverless applications. It gives shorthand language structure to express capacities, APIs, databases, and occasion source mappings. With only a couple of lines for each asset, you can characterize the application you need and model it is utilizing YAML.

During sending, S.A.M. changes and extends the S.A.M. linguistic structure into A.W.S. CloudFormation grammar, empowering you to construct serverless applications quicker.

The System for Award Management (S.A.M.) went live consolidating the information and enlistment elements of C.C.R., ORCA, FedReg, and EPLS into one simple to utilize an online framework that advantages the two sellers and government organizations the same.

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